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Bio Talk "Asli Japan"
Size : 1 liter
Price : 900.000
Description : Liquid anti bakteri. 1. When 'BIOTALK' is used for prevention or cure of fish diseases, Since there are many kinds of fish diseases, such as internal or external diseases, it is necessary for us to choose certain kind of medicine for each disease. Even when 'BIOTALK' shows its effect in disinfection of reservoirs, it can't be sais that the effect can completely reach farther into fish body. 'BIOTALK' still has a great power to remove fungi, specific pathogenic bacteria and its effects in the restraint of them and the cure of the disease from water. 2. One of many causes of fish diseases is unbalance in fish environment, for instance, virus, bacteria, parasite, stress, unbalanced nutrition of food, dessolved oxgen, and pH in water temperature. The effect of 'BIOTALK' will vary depending on these conditions surrounding fish. 3. These are the areas in which we have found the effect of our products by using other technology we have. Gill disease in freshwater fish culture(coloboma, petechiae), peduncle disease, coldwater disease, streptococcicosis, edwardsiellosis, ichthyophthiriasis, scutica and lymphocystis disease in flatfish, new ulcer disease in nishikigoi. Dosis Treatment : 10ml untuk 1 ton air. Rp. 900.000 / liter

Size : 500 gram
Price : 130.000/10 gram
Description : Anti Parasit Medicine Rp. 130.000/10 gr Rp. 1.250.000/100 gr Rp. 2.500.000 / 500gr

Obat Bius " Japan " Yamane Jougyo
Size : 500 ml
Price : 900.000
Description :

Glybotic - Antibiotik Injeksi
Size : 2 ml
Price : 150.000
Description : 1 set dengan jarum suntik

Teramicin OTC
Size : 100 gram
Price : 300.000
Description : Terramycin antibiotik bekerja dengan menghentikan siklus pertumbuhan bakteri dan melawan infeksi.

Arwana Stabilizer - Obat Bius Singapore
Size : 150 ml
Price : 75.000
Description :

Size : 100 gram
Price : 300.000
Description : STRESS REDUCER 100gram pack, 10 gram/ton air.